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Bursitis and Hamstring Sprain Chronology

Bursitis and Hamstring Sprain Chronology
September 2017 Sitting too long at work  Sitting on hard chair every night  Tingling in butt
Feb 2018 Run 12 miles a week  Exercising 30 minutes a week  Gradual improvement Standing desk at work 
September 2018 Stress Travel  More sitting on hard chairs Bursitis started to feel fiery. Periodic hemorrhoids. 
4 weeks of physical therapy:
PT Week 1 October 8 Stretch hamstrings once a day with cord Stopped running  No effect 
PT Week 2 October 15 Added 2 additional hamstring stretches with cord. 3 times a day avg.  Started running again 2 miles  Day of rest 3 miles  Day of rest  4 miles on October 21 October 22: hamstrings are very tight and tingly behind the knee causing me not to be able to straighten my leg very well.
Stopped running and stretching.  Continued walking to work. 
2 more PT weeks Got ultrasound massage and hamstring massage 
Monday November 5:

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