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How I solved my ischial bursitis

I am not a doctor;  this is not medical advice!  This is simply my story.
TL;DR How I solved my ischial bursitis
Read!  Seriously, read up on all kinds of bursitis and inform yourself.  Knowledge is power!Make sure you have the correct diagnosis!  I thought for a long time I had piriformis syndrome, but I was incorrect!Compression.  If you indeed have ischial bursitis or any form or bursitis for that matter, compression might help.  I tried all sorts of stuff and in the end, for me, compression was magical.  It started to solve the problem right away.  I would walk to work for 10 minutes with my hands in my back pockets applying light pressure to the ischial bursa and the symptoms would start to go away almost immediately. You can read more below. In the Beginning: September, 2017 How did I get Ischial Bursitis?

First, I am a software developer; I sit.
Second, I enjoy video games; I sit for that too!
Too much sitting is bad!
Around this time, I was working hard at my job and ignoring c…

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