Enviro Empress Igniter

Our Enviro Empress is a great stove, but it has stopped lighting!  I looked at the manual and found some tips online for how to troubleshoot it.  You can give it 120V power (somehow?) and also test to see if fuses are burned out or if the igniter is getting enough power using a voltage detector.

What I did is just remove the igniter.  It was not easy to get in there, but I used a socket wrench with a T20 "star" drill bit to remove the screws.  I also created a home-made tool to finish backing out the screws because the socket wrench barely fit.

I placed the igniter on the hearth in very fireproof place, plugged the stove back in and turned it on.  In 2 minutes I had a red hot igniter, but it was not hot all the way to the end, as you can see in the pictures.

So I ordered a new one from Amazon.  Hopefully that will do the trick!

I have received the new igniter!  It is so much cleaner than the old one (which was actually slightly bent).  the crazy thing about the new igniter is that the holes in the mounting plate are smaller than the provided screws and the screws I already had from the old igniter.  What the heck!?  Anyway, I was able to use a metal screw bit to enlarge the holes and install the igniter.

The new igniter is working great!  The stove fires right up.


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