Monday, September 29, 2014

App Icon drawn with HTML5 canvas

It was a busy hacker weekend thanks to JsAny on my iPhone 6.  I developed a Facebook style comment stream (in the previous blog post) and this app icon.  I looked for a free vector drawing app on the iPhone (I don't use it that much), but I couldn't find one that worked well.  So I honed my skills with the drawing API on the HTML5 canvas.  Check it out.

The plunker for the App Icon

Facebook style comment stream in AngularJS

I built a little prototype of a comment stream in AngularJS.  It has a similar look and feel to Facebook posting streams, but it is a comment stream instead.  In the application I'm working on now, we don't have postings and comments on postings.... just comments.  Anyhow, this was really easy to do with Angular and is very few lines of code.  It was a pretty fun little project.

Here's the plunker: Facebook style comment stream