Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Why am I using CVS?  Good question.  Because everyone else in my team is using it.

Why is there a .cvsignore file with contents of:

and I have a target directory and it is NOT being ignored.  (Eclipse keeps wanting to check it in when I commit.)

Solution: Look around for other .cvsignore files.  CVS update your code.  Maybe there is a cvsignore file you don't know about.  Anyway there was a .cvsignore inside the target directory and that cvsignore file was checked into CVS.  Therefore the outer cvsignore file which was trying to ignore target CANNOT!

So I deleted the outer cvsignore file and committed.  I seem to remember that there were some resources in the target folder that DID want to be in CVS.  Maybe?

Looking at some git projects I am also a team member on, the .gitignore file always seems to be at the root of the project.  Kinda nice.  Put it all in one place.

Monday, October 8, 2012


Many things are important to consider when developing software. For example maintainability, robustness, quality, convention et cetera. One thing I have discovered as I have been developing software for many years is that performance is really critical. Slow and inefficient software has such a negative effect on user experience. This is especially true in the web and mobile world. You want to attract many, many users to your site or application, but if it starts to perform poorly with a large volume of users you have lost one of your main goals.

So next time you start hacking out a for loop, consider how many objects/records you could possibly be iterating over... It might be many more than you expect!